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  Trekking and Hiking
Sri Lanka's diversity of terrain affords opportunities for trekking and hiking, especially in the Central Highlands. Trekking and hiking through the paddy fields, tea plantations, spice gardens, waterfalls, streams, dense forests, hills and mountains of the tropical island of Sri Lanka brings about unique experiences. Still more the north central plains of Sri Lanka afford the trekkers and hikers the chances to visit the cultural sites located off the beaten tracks.
 The hamlets in the wilderness, wooded hills, rolling plains and irrigation reservoirs of the North western province too offer ample opportunities for trekking and hiking.
We are specialist tour operator for hiking and trekking based in Ella. Trekking and hiking through the tea plantations, waterfalls, paddy fields, streams, hills, mountains and streams of the tropical island of Sri Lanka brings about unforgettable experiences.
  Trekking and Hiking Sites
Ella Rock – 6 hrs – 4km
Namunukula – Full day
Ilukpalassa – Full day
Hortain planes – full day
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